Simply Put…

“We make your Online Presence, Branding & Marketing efforts more effective”

We take any required ingredients below, a bit of common sense, and use it to ultimately improve a companies online presence. Really getting it to do what it should be doing – driving business.  It’s not all about Google ranks and keywords anymore.  After all, being #1 on Google doesn’t necessarily make your phone start ringing – something many website owners have to learn the hard way.  The best way to find out how we can help is by getting in touch and we can discuss you requirements directly.

Web Design

High quality, fully bespoke, mobile ready websites – Designed, built and ready to go from as little as ฿9,500! Generally (not always) built using the extremely versatile WordPress CMS, and designed to look both great and drive business; Regardless of the device it is being viewed on. Not only do they look great and work, our websites are constructed the way search engines want from the ground up. Using both design and ‘behind-the-scenes’ optimisation to prepare the site to be as effective as possible from the ‘go-live’ date. 


Online & Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a huge part of growing a brand online and cannot be overlooked when it comes to gaining customers. Your social media platforms are your real time voices to the world and let potential customers ‘get to know you’ before they even get off the boat. It goes without saying that this is very important, and for many businesses using social media often eliminates the need for a static website. There are no ‘tricks’ to cheat your way to success. Being honest, humble, opinionated and passionate goes a long way. 

Brand Design & Business Concept Development

Branding is the first thing a potential customer sees about you and your company, and we all know what they say about first impressions. So, having your logo, colours, and overall identity stand out from the crowd and really make an impact is key in any market. We design and place modern, eye-catching branding in sync across your online presence and media platforms, and then build brand awareness by engaging new and existing customers through effective social media, content development, and email marketing. 


Print Design – From Menus to Promotions

Similar to branding, your print marketing is often that all important first impression that can really make the difference. Wether its the sign outside your shop, the business card you give to clients, or promotional flyers for your next event; with most markets here on Koh Phangan facing fierce competition; you need to stand out from the ever growing crowd. 

Business Consultation, Management & Staff Training

Sometimes a business just needs a helping hand in the right direction. Its easy for your passion to quickly fall if business isn’t doing so well, which can make it difficult to breath new life into your brand.  This is a trap we see business owners fall into all too often. We can help provide the fresh approach you need, along with staff training on how to initiate your new business plan of action. 

Content Development

Native English Speaking Content Development 

Need a menu to read correctly in english? Or maybe you need some additional help with your blog posts or online customer service. We can provide relevant, engaging content for your existing blog or website, and even an native english speaking representative for your online communications via social media, emails or even hostel booking channel queries. 

Technical Optimisation & SEO Marketing 

So you have a website, but how are people going to find it? A lot of traffic can be generated through social media, however search engines like Google are still how 70% of all traffic ends up on a website. Capturing this traffic is called ‘search engine optimisation’. These days, most of this is common sense, “provide good, honest, quality content and they will click”. However there is a very technical side of SEO that search engines keep a close eye on and website owners dismiss. From meta data to 404 errors, server speeds and redirect issues this is an important part of creating a successful website.